Image of Countryside Rambles

Countryside Rambles

Countryside rambles are often quieter than woodlands and parks, and can be a great way to stretch your legs with your dog, whilst exploring somewhere a little different. From walking under forgotten railway viaducts, to lush green riverside walks, to architecturally impressive aqueducts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

These walks are on public footpaths, however, when walking through farmers fields, please make sure you keep your dog under close control or on short leads so they do not worry livestock. We have tried to mark on maps where livestock might be, but this will change according to the time of year you visit. Please remember to clean up after your dog and stick to the countryside code.

Image of Poet’s Walk & Coastal Path Circular

Poet’s Walk & Coastal Path Circular

A 4 mile walk along the coastline in Clevedon, starting at Poet’s Walk, where spectacular views inspired famous poets and writers such as Tennyson. The start of the walk can get quite busy, but venture along the seawall path, more into the countryside for a quieter walk. There are lots of footpaths to explore here as well.

Clevedon, North Somerset

Image of Nunney Castle Circular

Nunney Castle Circular

A wonderful 3.5 mile circular walk through the countryside, starting with the small but spectacular ruins of Nunney Castle. With a dog friendly cafe and pub, it’s the perfect place to spend the morning and stop for lunch. It’s also a winner for dogs that love to splash around in the water as the walk will take you along the brook in shady woodland. There were no livestock on route, but we believe one field may have cows in at certain points in the year.

Nunney, Somerset

Image of St Mary’s Vale

St Mary’s Vale

A 4.5 mile walk in Abergavenny, Wales, which starts in St Mary’s Vale – a magical woodland valley with a stream running through the centre. Follow the map to walk up to The Sugar Loaf, which has spectacular views across Brecon Beacons, afterwards, venture downhill, through common land and woodland. After, you can stop at the Sugarloaf Vineyards cafe, which is dog friendly outside. There are sheep and ponies on route.

Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

Image of Portishead Lighthouse to Lighthouse

Portishead Lighthouse to Lighthouse

3.5 miles. Not strictly in the countryside, but this coastal path in Portishead is lovely, especially when walking back at sunset. Start at Battery Point Lighthouse near the Lake Grounds, walk across the open stretch of Kilkenny fields before taking the coastal path and discovering multiple little pebble beaches along the way until you reach Black Nore Lightouse. Particularly a good walk to team with visiting a dog friendly pub – The Windmill Inn.

Portishead, North Somerset

Image of Deerhurst River Severn Circular Walk

Deerhurst River Severn Circular Walk

3.5 miles. A circular walk starting off at Odda’s Chapel, an ancient Saxon church, through Deerhurst to Apperley along the River Severn and back. The walk is varied, with flat fields to start off, followed by some green lanes where dogs can safely be let off their leads. We did encounter a few fields with cattle in, so make sure they are on a lead when passing. There is a small amount of road walking.

Deerhurst, Gloucestershire

Image of Castle Combe Circular

Castle Combe Circular

3.5 miles. A stunning walk around Castle Combe, a beautiful Cotswold village frozen in time. The walk will take you around the countryside, through golf courses and woodlands, over streams and finally through the heart of the village. This walk has a few opportunities for pups to splash around in the brook, making it perfect for a hot day. After your walk, you can stop by one of the two dog friendly pubs in the village or stop by The White Hart pub in Ford which has a lovely outdoor seating area.

Castle Combe, Wiltshire

Image of Spaniorum Skyway

Spaniorum Skyway

5.8 miles. A circular walk through Easter Compton from A Forgotten Landscape. This countryside ramble is mostly peaceful, however, there is a small section of this walk that will take you along a small footpath next to the M5 for about 500 metres, which wasn’t very pleasant. We did come across some livestock on this route, so please keep dogs under close control.

Almondsbury, South Gloucestershire

Image of Pensford Viaduct

Pensford Viaduct

2 miles. An easy, circular country wander through Pensford, walking under the magnificent viaduct, entering Culvery Wood, and on through to fields that border the River Chew, before walking across the picturesque weir. Finish your walk by stopping at The Rising Sun, a cosy and traditional pub with a roaring fire and brilliant beer garden.

Publow, Bath & NE Somerset

Image of Marshfield Circular

Marshfield Circular

4.5 miles. A stile free countryside circular walk in Marshfield, just outside of Bath, with half the walk following a gravel bridle path and the other through fields. We did come across some livestock here (cows and horses were on route), so some of the latter half of the walk is on a lead. After, finish up with a well-deserved visit to The Catherine Wheel – a dog friendly pub!

Marshfield, South Gloucestershire

Image of Barton Farm Country Park

Barton Farm Country Park

3 miles. Located in Bradford on Avon, this popular river and canal circular walk will take you through a 36-acre countryside parkland, passing the impressive Avoncliff Aqueduct and the Cross Guns pub, which has one of the best pub gardens we’ve ever seen!

Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire

Image of Priddy Circular

Priddy Circular

4.5 miles. A circular loop, starting by walking along quiet lanes, before joining picturesque green tracks and fields, with amazing views of the countryside. This route sometimes has livestock on route. Finish by stopping at the brilliant dog friendly pub, The Queen Victoria Inn.

Priddy, Somerset

Image of Dundas Aqueduct Circular

Dundas Aqueduct Circular

4 miles. Starting at the spectacular Dundas Aqueduct, near Bath, this circular route will take you along the canal, over the adequate, before veering off to walk through fields and woodland, and back along the banks of the River Avon. Stop at the Angelfish cafe for some lunch and doggy ice cream by the canal.

Monkton Combe, Bath & NE Somerset

Image of Hawkesbury Upton Circular

Hawkesbury Upton Circular

4 miles. A Cotswold village surrounded by countryside, this pleasant circular route is mostly through arable land, so you are unlikely to come across livestock. This is a flat and easy-going walk, with no stiles.

Hawkesbury Upton, South Gloucestershire

Image of Wrington Circular

Wrington Circular

3 miles. A quiet, circular walk, through green lanes and fields, ending with lovely views over Wrington. This walk does have some livestock on the route depending on the time of year, including some unusual animals like peacocks, so please keep your dog under close control.

Wrington, North Somerset

Image of Chew Magna Circular

Chew Magna Circular

4.8 miles. A great all-rounder that can be catered to your preferences. Walk through fields whilst dogs cool themselves off in the River Chew, stop for fish and chips at Salt & Malt next to Chew Valley Lake and visit the lake’s nature reserve before heading back. Or complete a circular walk by walking up Knowle Hill and finish off at The Pelican for a pub lunch.

Chew Magna, Bath & NE Somerset

Image of Congresbury to Wrington

Congresbury to Wrington

2.3 miles. An easy, linear walk along the River Yeo from Congresbury to Wrington on the Two Rivers Way. An easy route to follow, and it was free of livestock when we visited. Picturesque even on a grey day.

Congresbury, North Somerset

Image of Hinton Blewett Circular

Hinton Blewett Circular

3.2 miles. This circular countryside walk does have a few cow fields on the route, but it’s a lovely walk down to Litton Reservoir, before heading back up through fields to the Ring O’Bells pub, which is incredibly dog friendly!

Hinton Blewett, Bath & NE Somerset

Image of Bath Skyline

Bath Skyline

6 miles. One of the most popular walks in Bath, where you can walk along the crown of the Bathampton and Claverton hills, taking in splendid views for miles across the historic city. The terrain is mixed, walking through small woodlands, fields and a golf course. You can even extend your walk to visit National Trust Prior Park Landscape Gardens.

Bath, Bath & NE Somerset

Image of Frampton Cotterell & Centenary Field

Frampton Cotterell & Centenary Field

3 miles. A wonderful walk along the River Frome, starting in Centenary Field in Frampton Cotterell. This is one of our favourite places to go in summer with Bella as she can run in and out of the river to keep cool. There is also an option for a great circular walk.

Frampton Cotterell, South Gloucestershire

Image of Weacombe & Bicknoller Combe, Quantock Hills

Weacombe & Bicknoller Combe, Quantock Hills

5.5 miles. This brilliant circular walk in the Quantock Hills boasts panoramic views of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so you can enjoy a picturesque walk with your pup. However, there are livestock roaming free, so dogs are best kept on lead or under close control.

West Quantoxhead, Somerset

Image of Symonds Yat River Wye Circular

Symonds Yat River Wye Circular

3.5 miles. An exciting walk from England, across the border to Wales! Starting along River Wye, next to dog friendly pub, Ye Old Ferry Inn, wander along the river until you get to the amazing rope bridge that takes you over to Wales. It’s important to note that this walk is only circular if the hand-pulled ferries are working (owned by the pubs), and unfortunately, the flooding in early 2020 badly damaged the ferries. To double-check, contact the Ye Old Ferry Inn or The Saracens Head.

Whitchurch, Herefordshire

Image of Frampton Cotterell to Winterbourne Down

Frampton Cotterell to Winterbourne Down

4.5 miles. A linear walk along the Frome Valley Walkway starting at Frampton Cotterell and finishing at the historic and intriguing Huckford Quarry Nature Reserve. Mostly walking through green fields, we did not encounter any livestock and the walk was very peaceful, although it can be muddy!

Frampton Cotterell, South Gloucestershire

Image of Dundry Hill

Dundry Hill

2 miles. A fabulous walk with breathtaking views, making it worth the awkward, un-dog friendly stiles and livestock in the first few fields. The views stretch across Bristol and to Somerset, with the Barrow Gurney Reservoirs just ahead of you.

Dundry, North Somerset

Image of Hill Circular

Hill Circular

3.5 miles. A circular walk in the countryside, starting in a village called Hill in South Gloucestershire. A well-marked walk and easy to follow as it is part of the Forgotten Landscape routes. We enjoyed this walk, although it’s worth noting that there are cows on the route, often moved around the fields you will have to walk through.

Hill, South Gloucestershire

Image of Bath Lansdown Circular

Bath Lansdown Circular

5 miles. A circular walk along the ever popular Cotswold Way, which has stunning views across Bath and South Gloucestershire. Our favourite part of this walk is Bath Racecourse, which is a great place for energetic dogs to run around and have fun.

Bath, Bath & NE Somerset

Image of Cheddar Gorge Circular

Cheddar Gorge Circular

4 miles. A National Trust walk along the top of the famous and breathtaking natural gorge. Begin the walk in Cheddar, where you will quickly climb to the top. We highly recommend dogs stay on a lead on the southern cliff as there are free roaming goats.

Cheddar, Somerset

Image of Somerset Monument Circular

Somerset Monument Circular

3.2 miles. A countryside circular walk, just outside Hawkesbury Upton, along the Cotswold Way and back along the Monarchs Way, going around the Somerset Monument. Sadly, you can not get up to the Somerset Monument, as it is on private land, but you can walk past it.

Hawkesbury Upton, South Gloucestershire

Image of Cam Peak & Cam Long Down

Cam Peak & Cam Long Down

3.5 miles. A beautiful but hilly walk, starting at Cam Peak, along the Cotswold Way to Cam Long Down, up to Uley Hill and back round to the base of Cam Peak. The best time of the year to visit is May where bluebells carpet the peak and surrounding woodlands and there is little livestock in the fields.

Cam, Gloucestershire

Image of West Huntspill River Circular

West Huntspill River Circular

4.5 mile. A flat circular walk, taking you through a small section of housing estate before revealing the vast riverbanks of the River Huntspill, Parrett and Brue. Once you are walking on the riverbanks it is very peaceful and easy-going. We were very lucky with the time of year we went as we did not encounter any livestock, however, we believe that sheep usually graze the riverbanks. On your walk try to spot the abandoned boats!

West Huntspill, Somerset

Image of Nut Hill Circular

Nut Hill Circular

3 miles. A route through meadows, nature reserves, woodlands and crop fields, just outside of Upton St Leonards in Gloucester. There is a small part of road walking on this route and there might be some livestock on Nut Hill.

Upton Saint Leonards, Gloucestershire

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