Bath Lansdown Circular

An approximate 5 mile circular walk around Lansdown, North Stoke and Bath Racecourse.

This is obviously quite a popular area for a walk, with stunning views across Bath and South Gloucestershire from the Cotswold Way. Most the walk is off the lead, but there are definitely some fields that have livestock in depending on the time of year you visit, so dogs do need to be on lead or close control then. Luckily there weren’t any when we visited in October and November.

We particularly loved walking across Bath Racecourse as it is so open and didn’t have any squirrels for Bella to chase and the views from Prospect Stile to Kelston Roundhill are beautiful.

We would recommend using an OS map on your walk to look at the public footpaths around the racecourse, as from 2023, the Arena Racing Company have taken a stricter position with dog owners and where their dogs can run.

Want a longer walk? You can extend your walk from Prospect Stile lookout to Kelston Roundhill along the Cotswold Way.

Walking directions
The best place to park for this walk is on the layby close to Sir Bevil Grenville’s Monument, but this can be very busy, so you may have to park in the small car park near Pipley Wood, or on Langridge Lane.

2. We take a little detour before starting to see Sir Bevil Grenville’s Monument on The Cotswold Way first, which is only 200m away from the layby. Once back at the layby you will need to cross the busy road to go in the entrance of Avon Fire & Rescue Service, which is also part of the Cotswold Way. Once around the corner, you will see a gate and sign for the Cotswold Way. Walk along the small green corridor until you exit the through another gate. Turn right down the little lane until you see an iron flag marker pointing left, still on the Cotswold Way.

3. Walk down the wooded track and you will see a large gate with warnings about cows in the following field. We put Bella on the lead at this point, but luckily when we visited later on in the year, there was no livestock in this field. Walk through the field, walking adjacent to the stone wall until you reach a gate that will take you through to another large field.

4. Walk across this large field, walking past the large, tall evergreens until you see a gate that leads to a track next to the golf course. Walk along the track so you are between the golf course and woodland. When you get to a 4 way junction on the path, turn right, towards a barn and some intriguing sculptures!

5. Walk past the barn (which used to have a cafe), with the golf course on the left, staying on the Cotswold Way until you get to a large gate. There are usually sheep in the next field so we would advise putting dogs on a lead. Luckily, there were none when we went. The views on this part of the walk are amazing. Once in the field, follow the path up the hill that veers off to the left, walk through another gate (sheep also might be here).

6. Follow the Costwold Way in this field, where it takes you uphill, around a corner, towards another field. Walk through this crop field, which used to be an Iron Age fort. Follow the path until you reach Bath Racecourse.

7. Walk around the outskirts of the racecourse to reach the famous viewpoint – Prospect Stile, where you can see across to Kelston Roundhill. From here, you can explore the racecourse more. There are actually two public footpaths across the racecourse track which take you across to Lansdown Golf Club (the next part of the walk). We would recommend avoiding walking along the race track, instead, keep to the outskirts and only cross the track if needed. So from Prospect Stile, you can either walk straight to the racecourse buildings or alternatively, walk along the outskirts for a bit longer and when you are past the stand, walk over the racecourse track until you see a small, golden dry stone wall, where there is a gap for you to walk through between the hedges and wall. This will bring you out to the golf course.

8. Walk along the outskirts of the golf course until you reach the track. Turn right and walk along the track as if you’re walking out of the area towards Lansdown Road. Be careful of golfers and golf balls! After a few minutes walk you will see a path to the left signposted Cotswold Way. Follow this path and you will find yourself back at the 4 way junction path you were at earlier. Turn right so you walk alongside Lansdown Wood. After a few minutes, you will come to a small car park, walk past the car park where you will see an opening to a field which will take you back to the layby where you started.


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Sir Bevil Grenville's Monument


There are different areas to park dotted around the racecourse. These are: in the layby on the crest of the hill from Wick to Bath, near Sir Bevil Grenville's Monument. There is also a small car park near Pipley Wood, but it becomes almost impossible to park there in winter because of the mud. Or park just off the main road on Langridge Lane, or if you're visiting dog friendly The Charlcombe Inn, you can use their car park.

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Make sure there isn't a race on before walking onto the racecourse

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