Deerhurst River Severn Circular Walk

A 3.5 mile walk starting at the English Heritage Odda’s Chapel, taking you along the River Severn and back through Apperley to Deerhurst.

There is a very small car park at Odda’s Chapel (enough room for about 5 cars), where you can explore the ancient Saxon church before or after your walk, which is also dog friendly. There are also a few fields with cattle in, so please keep dogs on a lead or under control at these points.

Walking directions
Start at Odda’s Chapel, where there is a very small car park. The Saxon church is dog friendly, so you can explore here before you embark. From the church, walk to the public footpath opposite, near the car park area, across the field, towards the River Severn, until you reach a massive oak tree. There were cattle in this field when we visited in July, but they were very easy to avoid.

2. When you reach the massive oak tree, turn left, so you are heading southwest along the river, along the Severn Way footpath. This field is one of the only access points to the River Severn, where we let Bella splash around in the shallows before continuing our walk. If you do let your dog in the water, beware of currents.

3. Head southwest along the river. Continue until you reach a gate and this will take you along a green corridor. After this, you will enter a large field, continue along the Severn Way. There were no signs of livestock when we visited, so we let Bella off the lead.

4. Carry on the path for over a mile until you reach The Coalhouse Inn and a road. Turn left so you follow the road around to the front of the pub, where, directly opposite, you will see a farm track and footpath.

5. Follow the track, but before you get to the farmhouse, take a right towards a gate and public footpath. This path will lead you uphill through 2 fields. There is a stile to reach the next field, which was the only one we needed to lift Bella over. This field is adjacent to a horse field.

6. Walk past the houses towards Court Drive and turn left down The Green. This part of the walk is on the lead road walking, but there are pavements for all of it.

7. Follow The Green for 0.2 miles and turn right down Sawpit Lane for another 0.2 miles until you reach Apperley Village Hall on your left. Walk through the entrance and car park until you reach the playing field. Walk directly across until you reach the crop field at the end.

8. Once you have crossed the field, you will walk through a green lane. At the end of the lane, you will come to Deerhurst Lane. There is another public footpath next to the one you have just walked out of, almost going back on yourself. When we visited this was very overgrown and a struggle to get through, so you could just walk along the road to get back to Odda’s Chapel, but we ventured through the field instead.

9. Once in the crop field, keep to the left-hand side and soon you will see an opening to a large field with a farmhouse. There were signs of cows in this field, but none when we visited. Walk diagonally across the field towards the furthest end of the farmhouse you can see, which opens to another field.

10. Walk towards the track and past the farm. Before the track curves to the right and into the farm, look towards the hedges opposite, near the road and you should see a public footpath sign and gate. Exit here to Deerhurst Road.

11. Walk along Deerhurst Road for a few moments until you walk through the flood defence gates and walk up the steps that will take you along a footpath next to a house. You will enter a cow field that is right next to where you started. There are two exits in this field, but because cows were blocking the footpath closest to Odda’s Chapel, we veered right instead of towards the other church on the horizon – St Mary’s, where we exited onto the road and walked back to the car park.


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Additional information


Odda's Chapel
GL19 4BX


Very small car park at Odda's Chapel (enough room for about 5 cars)

Paws for thought

Cattle in some of the fields. There were some stiles on the route, but our medium sizes dog Bella was small enough to fit under the gaps, however, we did have to lift her over one.

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