Frampton Cotterell & Centenary Field

A wonderful walk beginning at the Centenary Field in Frampton Cotterell and walking north along part of the Frome Valley Walkway to Iron Acton.

This walk is fabulous if your dog just loves splashing in and out of the river, and the change in terrain makes it a great walk to keep us entertained as well, with meadows, fields and woodland.

You can walk as long as you like, or follow the instructions below for a circular walk of 4.6km / 2.9miles which follows the Frome Valley Walkway along the river, to Iron Acton and back along the fields.

Walking directions
When parking, please be considerate of residents that live on Mill Lane, a better place to park is at The Globe Pub, where you can also stop for food/drink (it is dog friendly outside). Walk past St Peter’s Church on Mill Lane and past the allotments, at the end of the lane you will see an entrance to the Centenary Field. The Centenary Field was purchased in 1994 to mark 100 years of Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. A unique feature is the large red iron wheel half sunk in the ground, which was installed to mark the area’s industrial past and the village beacon to mark the Millennium.

2. Past the red wheel is a small woodland, walk through here until you get to a gate, this gate leads into a field full of crops. Walk either way around the field until you see another field where the grass is short (the path is well trodden). Go through the gate.

3. The field with shorter grass usually has horses in, but they were very easy for us to avoid (however, give them a wide berth in spring when they have foals).

4. We walked right (east) along the hedges and walked for a few minutes until we reached the River Frome. It’s a perfect place for a doggy paddle.

5. Walk along the River Frome for however long you want! The Frome Valley Walkway can take you to Iron Acton, it’s pretty easy to follow, but some parts are quite overgrown. If you want a longer circular route, then you can follow the instructions below.

7. After walking through the woodland, cross the bridge and turn left, follow this path across some fields, when you get to a ford, cross the lane and carry on in the same direction with the River Frome still on your left. After this point, the path does become more overgrown, but it is still easy to follow. Walk until you reach Frampton End Road, turn right and follow this picturesque little lane through some houses. After you have crossed the river and walked towards the bend, walk into the field ahead and follow the path to your left. There are a couple of stiles here and signs to keep dogs on lead as there are horses in the fields. One of the stiles is stone and dogs need to either be lifted or if they are confident, can jump over.

8. When the footpath appears to split and you are on the brow of the hill, follow the track that curves downhill to your right. This was the only tricky field we entered, as you need to get to the opposite side of the field where a gate is, but there is not obvious footpath across despite it being on our OS Map. After you pass through the gate you will be on a little dirt road, just off to your left is another track with big tractor tyre imprints in. After this curves around, you will be back in open fields again.

9. Follow the footpath to the left, through the little woodland, down some steep steps and put dogs on the lead to cross the horse field. This exits right next to the church where you started.


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Mill Lane
Frampton Cotterell
BS36 2AA


On street parking, but please park considerately around the houses

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There are horses in the fields

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