Golden Valley Nature Reserve

Golden Valley Nature Reserve in Wick is a beautiful woodland walk with spectacular views. It’s one of those walks that you might not even know about unless someone told you.

The pinnacle of the walk is nothing short of spectacular, with stunning views of the quarry that has mostly been filled with water. The valley, once full of heavy industrial activity, is a relic of times past where ochre and iron were mined. Nowadays, the whole area has been turned into an 8.8-hectare area rich wildlife haven, with its mature woodland and natural green corridor.

Parking at Wick Village Hall is no longer available, so there are very limited places to park, so if you drive to the area, always park considerately and legally. If there is nowhere safe or legal to park, please come back another time. The main entrance of the walk is at the end of Golden Valley Road. There are a couple of trails to explore at Golden Valley Nature Reserve:

The Red Ochre Trail (1.35 miles) is fully accessible to wheelchairs and easy to walk. Just off the path, deposits of glittering red ochre which still coat some of the derelict structures of the old ochre works glitter red in the sunlight (warning: it can stain clothes). After a little walk, you will come to the picturesque old weir and a small waterfall cascading down into a deep pool. A haven for wildlife, you might even spot some crayfish! In the summer, the water level can get very low, so it may be suitable for your pup to splash around. But in the cooler months, the stream can get very fast and deep (up to 10 foot), so please use caution and make sure your pup is under control and doesn’t go in the river. We were lucky enough to visit in summer where Bella and other dogs got a chance to splash in the water. Leaving the weir, continue on the Red Ochre Trail following the circular, marked route back to the bridge, passing the outdoor classroom on the way.

The Raven’s Rock Trail is very steep and rocky (wear trainers or good shoes), but it has the rewarding views of the Wick Quarry and the Cotswold Hills. Simply follow the Red Ochre Trail, and when you reach the weir, walk up the steps to go on to The Raven’s Rock Trail. We would highly recommend dogs on a lead when climbing the steep Raven’s Rock Trail as there are sheer edges just off the path. When you’re sure your pup is safely on a lead, continue uphill, where you will see spectacular views of the quarry lake. You can follow this trail around to take you past Folly Arch and through fields before it starts to loop back around.

We only saw one bin at the start of the walk, so please take your rubbish or dog bags with you to keep the woodland enjoyable for everyone else.

Dogs are asked to be on a lead, as the reserve is a former ochre processing industrial site and as a result, there are some hidden metal corrugated sheets and metal spikes on site. Although we have removed much of the metal work, each year the Friends Group seem to uncover more dangerous items. The second reason is to try and prevent dogs from entering the river. Again, hidden metalwork can be found in the river bed, as the factory once spanned the River Boyd. Another reason is that the results of river surveys in the reserve have indicated a drop in the number of aquatic invertebrates present.

There is also some private woodland here, so please look out for the signs.

The history

‘The site has a long history of heavy industrial workings on the site. There was an iron-founding industry at Wick from the mid-eighteenth century based on the water power provided by the River Boyd. In 1761 it was reported that there was an iron works and paper mill within the valley. The 1882 Ordnance Survey map shows a rolling mill and dam across the river and soon after records show that the internationally renowned ochre processing works were in operation in 1895. The works remained on the site up until 1968 when it was closed down. Two years later the buildings were demolished and the site was cleared and left for nature to reclaim.’

South Gloucestershire Council


Golden Valley Nature Reserve
BS30 5QJ


Parking at Wick village hall is no longer available for visitors to Wick Golden Valley Local Nature Reserve. If you drive to the area, always park considerately and legally. If there is nowhere safe or legal to park, please come back another time

Paws for thought

Dogs on lead. Water can get VERY DEEP in the colder months (up to 10 foot), so please use caution, and keep your dog close if they're tempted to run in.

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