Manor Woods Valley

Manor Woods Valley is a beautiful walk that has a bit of everything – wild flower meadows, open spaces, woodland and shallow river.

The Malago travels from one end of the park to the other – but about half of it is hidden underground, leaving a small, sloping valley behind. You can enter from either end of the park. When coming from Vale Lane, you will find the wild flower meadow on your right – perfect run for a pooch. Follow the paved walkway through the park and you can either walk through the woodland on the left or carry on the path which will take you along the Malago and green spaces.

Walking through the woodland, you will come across The Malago at certain points – perfect for your dog to cool off and refresh! It’s not deep enough to swim, but perfect for getting their paws wet!

Manor Woods Valley is well looked after by the wonderful Malago Valley Conservation Group, whose recent activity includes tidying the area and pulled scores of Himalayan Balsam invasive weeds!

This walk can be as little or long as you like – a circular route takes less than an hour.

The history

‘According to the Domesday Book of 1086, Bishopsworth had two manors. The description of one the manors matches the modern Manor Woods.

In 1600, much of Manor Woods became part of the Headley Farm and the track which led to the farm still exists today. Throughout the Industrial Revolution, Bedminster turned into a densely populated suburb, however, Manor Woods remained a strip of land surrounded by urban development.

In 1998, Manor Woods became part of the Bishopsworth and Malago Conservation Area which provides additional protection against unsuitable development.’

Bristol City Council 


Manor Woods Valley
Vale Lane


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