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Paradise Bottom is part of Leigh Woods but included here as a walk in its own right. It is a great, varied and beautiful walk any time of year with pools of water which dogs just love to swim in.

There is a small car park on site, just head past Brackenwood Garden Centre on Pill Road (BS8 3RA), following the road to the right until you see the car park. When heading down the gravel footpath you are greeted with an arrangement of trees on a grand scale. Steep banks on either side create a valley in which a small stream runs through. This is a perfect place for picking wild garlic as it grows rampantly through the valley, looking lush and green in Spring.

There are a few pools of water in Paradise Bottom, two are excellent for a dog swim, as they have slopes into the pools. They can get very muddy though, so make sure you pack a towel!

There are no dog poo bins on site, so please take your dog poo bags with you.

A circular walk around Paradise Bottom is about half an hour, but this can be easily extended by taking the paths into Leigh Woods

The History

‘Paradise Bottom was designed by 18th Century landscape designer, Humphry Repton. There are many features including the ornamental gardens, known as the ‘pleasure grounds’ which have been restored by the Forestry Commission with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Countryside Agency.’

Forest Commission England

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