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Priors Wood is most well known for an abundance of bluebells that cover the woodland floor every spring, attracting many visitors.

If coming in from A369/Martcombe Road and Caswell Lane, the entry path to Prior Wood is well hidden, but continue along Caswell Road until the houses finish, before it turns into a country lane (there should be a small stream on your left).

Park on the road if possible and walk towards the stream, the Prior Wood Path is just next to this, past the house on the corner. Very soon, you will come to a fork in the path, either way leads to the woods. The right-hand path will lead you by horses fields – so if your pup doesn’t like horses, veer towards the left-hand path instead.

For a different walk to Priors Wood, you can walk through the most southern part of the wood via the Gordano Round. To get here, park on a small layby on Clevedon Road, opposite Charlton Drive (the entrance to The Downs School), then walk northwards, across large farmers fields, along the footpaths.

Once inside the woods, there are a few different paths to take, so explore and if you’re lucky enough to visit when the bluebells are out, enjoy the view!

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Prior Woods Path
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You can park on the street, but space is limited

Paws for thought

Horse fields near the start of the walk, so might be best to keep nervous dogs on lead when walking through this path

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