Nightingale Valley

Nightingale Valley is a hidden gem in Brislington and is largely not known. It has a mixture of terrains – small fields, woodland and steep valley slopes with the Brislington Brook running through.

Accessed from an entrance on Hill Lawn (there are also a few other places to access the woodland from nearby roads). This walk follows the Brislington Brook through the picturesque woodland valley. There are plenty of swimming opportunities for pups who want to get their feet wet! Bella just loves running up and down the brook and is usually met by many other dogs enjoying their walk.

Park on Hill Lawn to access Nightingale Valley, there’s a little gate with a sculpture sign to point you in the right direction. Once entering the woodland, there’s a main path which will lead you and your pup around the valley. There are some unusual sights to spot in this enchanted woodland, including a huge ancient tree which has a brick wall inside (it has to be seen to be believed), old oil barrels that have made the ground squishy (they must be VERY old as the barrels have rusted away and are harmless to walk upon now) and a beautiful little stone bridge. If you have kids, this is a great place to explore with them as there are metal signs mounted around encouraging you to walk the Brislington Brook Trails and create crayon rubbings of the plaques. There are a few routes to explore in the woodland, so you might have to come back a couple of times to know them all!

Nightingale Valley is very close to St Anne’s Park and St Anne’s Wood, so it’s easier to extend your walk.

Nightingale Valley will take about three-quarters of an hour to walk around in a circular route.


Nightingale Valley
Hill Lawn


Park at Hill Lawn or at another entrance

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