Weston-Super-Mare Beach

Winter walkies
The whole beach area at Weston-Super-Mare is dog-friendly during the winter months – 1st October until 30th April. The area between Royal Sands and the Grand Pier is a dog free area from 1st May until 30th September.

For all year round walkies
There are a few areas at Weston-Super-Mare where the beaches are available all year round to dogs:

  • The area between the Grand Pier and Knightstone Island
  • The area between Royal Sands to Uphill
  • The beach at Marine Lake
  • The beach at Sand Bay


There are toilets at Weston-Super-Mare beach, but have some change on you, as they do charge a small fee for using them. There is parking close by – but it will be paid parking as the beach is a popular spot! This is a great day out, where you can walk from beach to beach, and your dog can enjoy the huge expanse of sand and run into the water to have a play. There are restaurants and cafes that line the beach front, so you won’t have trouble finding a place to eat!


Weston Super Mare Beach


Paid parking

Paws for thought

Dogs not allowed on the main beach area in summer months

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